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Thanks for your support in spree round 1... we now have a new round of sprees for everyone!

This round sees brands such as La Senza, Urban Outfitters, Threadless and Gojane! Sprees close on 5th Oct, Weds! Hurry :D Hop on down to now to participate!

A permanent link to the LJ spree page is also now available on our side bar, feel free to visit our website if you ever forget the link!




  World Paintball Series


We apologise that our previous paintball event on 3rd September was cancelled, however we've brilliant news for you!

As originally planned, the paintball event is open to FIRST 20 participants to sign up! The great news is... if you're a SingSoc member, it'll now only cost you $30 for the same great deal we offered before!! Details below:

Date: September 24th, 2011 (Saturday)
Time: 10.30 am at Melbourne Central
Venue: Oakleigh

$60 all inclusive deal (members pay $30);
- free equipment hire (face mask, coveralls & battle pack)
- free semi-auto marker
- free entry
- 200 hundred free paintballs as a starter kit

BONUS: There will be up to 4000 paintballs to share amongst all the players or up to 200 paintballs per player

That is definitely a steal! Gather your friends and fasters fingers first!

To RSVP, do follow this link:

RSVP closes on 16th September 2011 (Friday)!




  Royal Melbourne Show

The Royal Melbourne Show is back this year from Sept 24th to Oct 4th 2011. For the uninitiated, it is a fun-packed carnival with rides and attractions. There are also crafts on display, food to be had, and even a huge section where you can go see your favourite animals! More information can be found on the official website

SingSoc is pleased to announce that we are organising a trip there and will be able to offer everyone a cheaper rate with a group booking! Additionally, we are also subsidizing part of the entry fee for our members.

We plan on heading down to the RMS on the 1st of October 2011 (Saturday).

Non-members: $17 entry Members: $10 entry

*note that the prices are only for entry and does not include rides.

To RSVP, please follow this link:

RSVP closes on 7th September 2011 (wednesday)! HURRY!







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